Personal // Almost Projects 0f 2014

Here are some images I shot for a conceptual lookbook that almost came to be in 2014. The idea was created for a local optical boutique, showcasing several high-end, hand crafted optical brands paired with local entrepreneurs and artists in Grand Rapids; Local business and local people. Unfortunately these images never went to print, and in lieu of a new year I wanted to share these. Not because they're spectacular images (6-9 months ago I was much less knowledgeable about my camera) but because the humans in these images are interesting personalities and talented persons. This was an extremely fun project, and thank you to those involved for your patience in it's release.

Brandon Belote - Projectionist at the UICA in Studio Optics

Marco Ruiz - Server at Brewery Vivant in Oscar Magnuson

Mariah Kennedy - Spoke Folks Shop keep wearing Toms Eyewear

Nick Stockton - Co-founder of Teamwork Bags in Sho Eyeworks

Mary Sorensen - Editor of Shore Magazine in LaFont Paris

Jason Kakabaker - Owner of The Cakabakery in Barton Perriera

Sally England - Owner of Sally England Studio in Vincent Kaes

Cameron Bass - Barrista at Rowster Coffee in Oscar Magnuson

Ryann + Marissa - Owner + Manager of Black Lamb in Salt Optics and Eco Eyewear

Reuben Garcia - Artist at Wealthy Street Tattoo in Raen Optics

Maxwel Harmon - Musician in Mykita

Dana Albrecht - Curator at Lafontsee Gallery in Jonas Paul Eyewear

Chad Morton - Co-Founder of Direct Trade Coffee Company in Sho Eyeworks

Zach Rickel - Deli-Side Server at Marie Catribs in Etnia Barcelona