Editorial // Birkenkopf

Model: Andrea Daniela
Makeup: Umran Atmaca

About this series: While in Stuttgart this past fall, I was intrigued to hear about “Rubble Hill” (German, ‘Birkenkopf’), an artificial hill built from entirely from the ruins and rubble of World War II. During the war, 53 Allied bombing missions destroyed over 45% of Stuttgart, and nearly the entire city center. Between 1953 and 1957, 1.5 million cubic meters[1] of rubble were cleared and moved to the hill, which resulted in an increase in height of around 40 meters. At the summit there are many recognizable facades from ruined buildings.
- sourced from Wikipedia.

As a tourist and American, I wanted to respect the site as much as possible while using it as an editorial location. Our model, Andrea is Polish-German, who helped in expressing a variety of emotions during our time on the hill. We also came across some really epic weather at the summit as a quick storm blew the valley below. I hope you enjoy.

Leigh CobbComment