Hi, I'm LA.

My name is Leigh Ann Cobb. Grand Rapids resident, eyewear enthusiast. Documenting intimate, genuine moments has always been an interest of mine; starting in my undergrad thesis as a printmaking & drawing major in 2011. Since then I have grown a strong liking to the more portable means of capturing a moment, and have been strengthening my photographic skills ever since.

This website is dedicated to my technical growth and the transition from hobbyist to archivist. If you go far enough back on the blog, you'll know what I mean! Feel free to take a look around and do not hesitate to contact me with comments or inquiries about pricing & session packages.

A little bit about my Process

I am (for the majority) a natural light photographer. I feel it helps to keep my images as-true-to-life as possible; If shooting indoors I am going to turn off all the overhead lights and open the windows wide. If shooting at noon on a sunny day I'm going to tuck you into the shadows to snag all the soft, ambient light I can find. If it's sunset... great! Sunset and dusk are the BEST. If you have any friends who dabble in photography, you probably already know this because it's something we just can't shut up about.

Disclaimer: I attempt to make the best image in-camera as possible. Aside from a few minor touch ups on blemishes or skin redness, I do not photoshop noses, wrinkes or any other body parts. I like how you look, I won't alter you digitally. Everything you love about your images you can be proud to know is 100% YOU. This doesn't mean you have to to flaunt those individual quirks if you don't want to. Talk to me. Tell me your favorite assets &  your possibly least favorite assets & I will tailor our session to capturing the best sides of you possible.

I am an open book in person but tend to be more private on social media - so please do not hesitate to ask me questions, I promise I don’t bite. If you like what you hear then shoot me a line here.

Some places I've been Published

BeautyMute Magazine [Vol 17 /2017]

Bella Grace [March 2018]

Elegant Magazine [Nov 2018]

Feroce Magazine [July 2018]

Forest Magazine [webitorial]

Imirage Magazine [May 2018]

LooksLikeFilm.com [image feature]

Northside Magazine [Vol 29]

Period Magazine [Vol 19]

Promo Magazine [Vol 46]

Pump Magazine [F/W2017]

Rocketlight Magazine [Sept 2017]

Shuba Magazine [April 2018 | October 2018 | April 2019]

Surreal Magazine [Jan 2019]

Toksick Magazine [webtorial]

VGXW Magazine [Feb 2018]

Volant Magazine [November 2017]

Some businesses I've worked with

AK Rikk's

Chasing Vanity Salon

Conscious Clothing

Creative Mornings - Grand Rapids

Eldorado General Store

Endless Management

Fox Naturals

Grand Rapids Chair Co

Grand Rapids Community College



June Model Mgmt

Lee&Birch Boutique

Palace Flophouse Salon

SheFit Apparel

Shop George Gregory

Sunflower Man / Matt Miller

Urban You Beauty Bar

West Elm - Grand Rapids

Wolverine Worldwide - Merrell

San Francisco, 2015. Snapped by my fiancé Max, co-owner of  Mokaya Chocolate .

San Francisco, 2015. Snapped by my fiancé Max, co-owner of Mokaya Chocolate.

Portrait snapped in Los Angeles during a full moon, Spring 2018 with assistance from Slow Blink Productions